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Specials and Alerts | Plestex 4

Bargain Mondays

On Monday nights, movies from participating studios are only $4.00!

Wheelchair Accessibility

Due to the age of our theatre, despite making every "reasonable accomodation" in accordance with ADA regulations, one of our screens (theater 2, the old upstairs balcony) cannot be made to be "wheelchair accessible." We have spared no expense to make it ADA accessible in every way that can be done.

However, we will do everything in our power to make a movie showing in that screen available for wheelchair bound persons. Please give us a call in advance, preferably 24 hours, and we will arrange a show time in one of our other three theatres as soon as it is possible. Contact Courtney at (830)200-6683 or Jacob at (830)570-3340.


First run movies, a quality family viewing environment, low ticket and concession prices ..... sound to good to be true? Well we are here, and it is true! Open 364 days a year (closed Christmas Eve), the Uvalde Forum 6 and the Pleasanton Plestex 4 have a commitment to customer satisfaction. We make a concerted effort to provide a premium viewing experience with a price that is consistently 25 - 40% under major city prices.

Call our recording anytime for current features and times:

See you at the movies!